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We Can Move Mountains

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Tammie Alexander

I think it’s fair to say that no one could have predicted the extraordinary challenges that we endured over the past year and a half. No matter what your social or financial status, I have no doubt you were faced with at least one unexpected, and possibly life-changing experience during the global pandemic. Without question, it’s been an uphill battle for many of us, me included. 

We learned a lot as we maneuvered through our own personal obstacles. We learned that everyone needs help every now and then, and for many, how to accept help when it’s offered. We learned that we could do things alone, but the outcome is so much better when we are able to be together. We learned that everyone has a mountain to climb, and we learned that together, we can move mountains. 

When the pandemic hit, the United Way of Mon and Preston Counties was there to help. Our local United Way and its funded partners were on the frontlines of the response to unprecedented needs. I simply cannot imagine the devastating impact our communities would have felt if not for the resources that our United Way quickly mobilized in a time of such uncertainty.

As I look back over the past many months, I realize that in many ways, we are forever changed. However, one thing that will remain is the generous spirit of our local community. The citizens of Monongalia and Preston counties know what it’s like to come together in times of need. This spirit of compassion is one of the many things I love about this place and why I call it home. 

This campaign is personal to me. I know what it feels like to need a helping hand. I know what it feels like to be faced with seemingly unsurmountable obstacles. And, because of agencies like the ones United Way helps to fund, I know what a relief it is to be supported by this community and to see a bright future on the other side. This campaign is about each of us coming together to build something much stronger than we ever knew possible. 

Everyone has a story to share. Everyone has had to climb their own mountain. I invite you to share your story. I invite you to change someone else’s story by making an investment to further strengthen our local community. 

One person can make a difference; however, many people working together can create enduring change. Every dollar raised here, stays here. No gift is too small to make a big impact. Together, we can move mountains. 

Tammie Alexander | 2022 Campaign Chair Member | Steptoe & Johnson PLLC

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What if the struggles we all went through during the pandemic were the norm?