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Let's Change the Game

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Dear Friends,

All of our lives are lived in seasons, whether it's on the field, on the course, at the range, in the diamond, or in the community.

As members of the Mountaineer family, anytime we set out to accomplish something, we always want to make it better than it was when we arrived. And as coaches’ wives, we’ve often had to live a nomad lifestyle, but the sentiment is the same: Any community we call home becomes an integral part of our lives. The same can be said for this beautiful Mountain State, specifically Monongalia and Preston counties, where we’ve been gifted an opportunity to make things better through a leadership role with the United Way.

As campaign co-chairs for the United Way Campaign, we know that we can change the game in positive ways for both counties, and we plan to do it together. But we need your help as well.

We’re building for the future. We want to add value, invest our time, and make our mark. We want to be more intentional about making a difference in this community. And we’re asking you to do the same.

Whether you’ve never given before or you’re a past donor, please consider a gift to help fund 36 programs at 27 agencies across both counties, as well as internal United Way programming focused on distributing healthy food, improving literacy, meeting basic needs, and much more.

If you’re a past giver, we hope that you’ll consider stepping up to the plate and raising your gift in a time when people need it the most.

United Way is a proven organization with a long track record and a thorough vetting process, so when you give, you can be assured every dollar is spent where it’s most needed. And it stays in our local community.

So, whether living here is a temporary season of your life or you’ll always call these country roads home, please help change the game with an investment to the United Way. Let’s make our home, our community, a better place than it was when we started.



WVU Coaches’ Wives, United Way Campaign Co-Chairs

Kate Covich, Lindsay Hammond, Amanda Mazey, and Brooke Brown  

Kate Covich    Lindsay Hammond    Amanda Mazey    Brooke Brown

Change the Game

2023 Campaign Video

Say hello to ALICE: Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed. They fall above the federal poverty line but still can't make ends meet. They cannot afford to pay for basic needs: housing, childcare, food, transportation, healthcare, basic technology, and more.