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Dear Friends,

Community is more than a location. It is the people within it who care about each other and strive to improve the lives of others.

Monongalia and Preston counties are fortunate to have residents who are generous and caring. In addition to volunteers and donors, we are social workers, educators, emergency responders, medical providers, legal advocates, and others who endeavor each day to help those who are less fortunate.

We recognize that our community also consists of those who are disabled, hungry, homeless, unemployed, abused, veterans and elderly. They are our neighbors who cannot make ends meet no matter how hard they try and those who are devastated by an unexpected tragedy.

Your generous contributions of time and money allow the United Way of Monongalia and Preston Counties to connect our community in providing much needed assistance through its 34 programs and 27 agencies. It is COMMUNITY and the sense of trust, belonging, safety, and caring for each other that commands us to do our part.

Please join me in this year’s campaign as we raise much-needed funds to assist our agencies and programs so they can continue to change the lives of those in our community.



Monica Nassif Haddad

2024 United Way Campaign Chair

Monica Haddad Campaign Chair

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From supporting veterans and equine therapy programs to countless other programs and projects, the United Way of Mon and Preston Counties is making a difference by injecting funds into four key areas: Health, education, financial stability, and basic needs. Right here at home.

United Way makes the difference, and you can too.