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Now More Than Ever

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David and Susan Hardesty

In 2019, we joined the ranks of the many WVU retirees who now reside in and near Monongalia and Preston counties. 

Susan and I are now co-chairing the United Way annual campaign in our area. Over the years, we have become aware of the stellar work of the staff and volunteers of the United Way organization. For decades, the United Way organization in this region (and around the world) has worked with affiliate organizations and programs to respond to emergencies, offer hope and help to the less fortunate, foster solutions for families in trouble, develop the leadership potential of our young people, help the disabled, and much, much more. Its work enhances our communities, delivering relief to those who need it most. We have come to realize how vitally important the United Way and its 24 affiliated organizations and partnership programs are to our communities. The United Way is worthy of your support every year!

But, to say that the Covid-19 Pandemic has put special stress on the region during the past few months would be an understatement. The virus threatens the well being and in some cases the lives of our citizens. The situation changes daily, and while progress has been made, the pandemic is far from over. The United Way has always been important to our area, but now more than ever, those served by the United Way need our help.

If you have traditionally supported the efforts of the United Way, we thank you again and encourage you to do as much as you can this year. If not, we ask you to consider donating to the area United Way. The United Way is an efficient and proven way to assist those around us who need help the most.

Your help is needed now, more than ever!

Thank you,

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David and Susan Hardesty | Campaign Chairs

2020 Campaign Video

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